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Detecting change in CuteEditor for ASP.NET

In a project I am using CuteEditor for wysiwig html editing, in this case, for web pages. I found that I need to know in javascript if the user has made changes to the html so that I can pop … Continue reading

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asp:radiobuttonlist table columns

I just found something handy – when using an ASP.NET RadioButtonList with default layout (html tables are used for laying out the options) you can inject </td><td> into  a listitem’s Text property as a hack to get it to layout … Continue reading

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Adding AutoCompleteExtenders dynamically on client side

In my current efforts to build rich client webforms in html/javascript I came across a need to dynamically add an AutoCompleteExtender for a newly created element on the page. Basically the page contains a table which the user can click … Continue reading

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