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Offline HTML5 Application vs IE8

I have been researching ways to achieve an offline HTML5 application in a corporate environment. I would certainly have no issues convincing the powers that be that HTML5 applications are the way to go and we should be developing new … Continue reading

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Detecting change in CuteEditor for ASP.NET

In a project I am using CuteEditor for wysiwig html editing, in this case, for web pages. I found that I need to know in javascript if the user has made changes to the html so that I can pop … Continue reading

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WCF service suddenly stops accepting connections

So, I’m debugging a client application which connects to a net.tcp endpoint of some WCF services hosted in IIS7, and all of a sudden the client can’t connect to the services any more, coming back with an error along the … Continue reading

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asp:radiobuttonlist table columns

I just found something handy – when using an ASP.NET RadioButtonList with default layout (html tables are used for laying out the options) you can inject </td><td> into  a listitem’s Text property as a hack to get it to layout … Continue reading

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Adding AutoCompleteExtenders dynamically on client side

In my current efforts to build rich client webforms in html/javascript I came across a need to dynamically add an AutoCompleteExtender for a newly created element on the page. Basically the page contains a table which the user can click … Continue reading

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Javascript + Dates + jQuery + .Net Web Service, plenty of date related issues

Firstly, let me say that working with dates in javascript is a real pain. I can’t comment on why there is a lack of standardization for dates between browsers, but it sure can make things difficult. Here are 3 things … Continue reading

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Mouse events in mobile safari on the iPhone and iPad

There are lots of nifty things we can do in javascript in the web browser, and one of those nifty tricks was to allow users to drag-to-resize elements on a dashboard in my main line-of-business web app. This is really … Continue reading

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