Detecting change in CuteEditor for ASP.NET

In a project I am using CuteEditor for wysiwig html editing, in this case, for web pages. I found that I need to know in javascript if the user has made changes to the html so that I can pop up a confirm dialog before posting back and losing any potential changes.

I tried for a while to use the javascript API as docuemented on the CuteEditor site, trying attachEvent and addEventListener to set a flag on keyup or keydown, but to no avail. Adding events to CuteEditor turned out to be rather difficult, and not particularly well documented.

Time for another approach – by inspecting the editor object in javascript I found that magically is has an IsDirty() method! this returns a boolean telling me if the user has made changes. Goodbye to adding event listeners and setting flags as the CuteEditor knows when it’s been changed!


var editor1 = document.getElementById("<% =Editor1.ClientID %>");
if (editor1.IsDirty() == true) 
alert("HTML has been changed!");
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